Lugo Vayne


First encountered on the Gambler’s Bride, Lugo claimed to be representing a faction in Five Fingers interested in ensuring that the party’s package did not reach the city in time.

Lugo proposed to swap the package for a similar one of his own. Lugo would then leave at the next destination. The switch would be discovered quickly upon arrival in Five Fingers, but there would be a substantial delay in locating and exchanging for the original.

The party was not initially interested, being loathe to renege on their contract. As insurance against this eventuality, Lugo had hired a handful of goons from Tarna to throw the players overboard. This plan backfired somewhat when the party brutally murdered all four of the goons.

Following Mortlock’s loss in a duel with Alain de Vassily, and subsequent need to source 150 crowns, prompted them to reconsider Lugo’s offer, and Lugo was last seen leaving with hi cargo in Briv.

Lugo is clearly a man of some influence in Five Fingers and it is likely the party will encounter him again. For good or for ill…

Lugo Vayne

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