Darrick Rylo


First encountered on Chaser Isle. Darrick is one of the Lord Governor’s functionaries, and was to take receipt of the package the party was escorting. Darrick was unsettled when the package turned out to be the wrong one.

The party came up with an ingenious plan which would allow Darrick to save face and make 1,000 crowns into the bargain (with the party pocketing an additional 1,000 crowns). Unfortunately, as the party was hammering out the details of this arrangements the Paulson Street Rovers attached. The fight was short and exceptionally bloody, and had the effect of unhinging the already unsettled Darrick. Despite that, the party were still able to lead him through the rest of the plan.

However, the execution of the plan was not particularly subtle and it is uncertain whether Darrick will be discovered and, if so, what will become of him.

Darrick Rylo

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