Hammer and Anvil

The group gets 'jacked!

Part 2: Road to Armandor; Tempen, 606 AR

After the encounter on the paddle steamer, the journey for the rest of the day passed uneventfully. Mortlock was on edge though, consumed with a sense of foreboding after having had a most disconcerting dream. The tug steamed ever onwards, until Mortlock spotted something in the undergrowth on the river bank.

Convincing the tug captain to stop the boat so he could investigate, but not convincing Tobias who stayed behind on the boat, Mortlock and Stump headed out in the dingy to towards the river bank, and the two ominous black shapes concealed therein. Whilst Tobias observed through the captain’s binoculars from the tug, the Stump stopped the dingy short of the bank and Mortlock cried out for the shapes to identify themselves. No answer was received and so Mortlock sent a warning shot close to one of the shapes. Their only response was to emanate black smoke and to start moving within the brush.

Erring on the side of caution and discretion, Mortlock and the Stump made speedy progress back to the tug and the captain steamed immediately away. The captain also took this opportunity to make a snide remark about the foolishness of their little foray. Like a red rag to a bull the Stump was on his feet and took two steps towards the captain with the sound intention of knocking his impertinent arse off the boat. Whilst everyone collectively held their breath, Mortlock jumped in front of the Stump and quickly defused the situation and escorting the Stump away from the captain. The captain however felt haughtily smug, further reinforcing his opinion that his mercenary passengers were a total bunch of pricks.

The tug journey concluded without incident and the wagon and horses were unloaded quickly, with all present keen to commence the next leg of the delivery and very glad to be back on dry land.

With not long left until twilight, the wagon and crew sent scouts ahead to watch for danger and to find a suitable location to camp for the night.

The ruins of an old border keep presented themselves as the perfect campsite and all were relieved to be able to bed down and get some rest.

Towards the end of the first night watch, Bronah spied something approaching the camp and Mortlock quietly roused the rest of the group to make ready and prepare for a potential attack.

As the shapes approached the camp it became clear that they were the very same ones that they had encountered on the river earlier and at a range of 75 yards the group opened fire.

It became clear that the two things were bone jacks as they charged and closed the distance in the blink of an eye. The group focused their fire on the left jack, and Tobias felled it with a shot from ‘Thunder’ after waiting for the perfect time to shoot as it entered close range.
The team then switched target to the right jack with Mortlock’s arcane pistol wreaking havoc upon the bone jack’s armour. Then suddenly the left jack took a swipe at one of the wagon guards, Gabe. It wasn’t dead! Tobias then switched to ‘Lightening’ and put the left jack down for good this time with an almost point blank shot. The right jack was just about to launch its attack on the group when Mortlock got off another quick two shots and caused massive damage destroying it completely.

The group made all haste to clear the camp leaving just enough time for Tobias to tend to Gabe’s injuries sustained from the left jack’s attack. Having caused quite a commotion at the abandoned for but still in desperate need of rest the group resolved to travel up the road for a while then pitch camp again. Sentries were again posted and the rest of the night passed without incident. They set off later than usual and made the outskirts of Armandor by nightfall, where they booked into an inn and secured food and lodgings for the night. Setting a rotating guard on the wagon overnight whilst the others took advantage of warm food, good ale, hot baths and a comfortable bed.

The plan in the morning was to wait for Bronah to secure fresh horses for the wagon and to use those few hours to do some quick shopping in the nearer parts of the city.

The final leg of the delivery loomed ahead, and there was apprehension in the group as to what other attempts would be made to attack the party as they moved along at what felt like a snail’s pace.


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