Hammer and Anvil

Smoke on the Water

Tempen, 606 AR

The party were contracted by Gram, owner of the Regency Saloon and purveyor of Tarna’s finest hooga, to guard a crate of Regency Gold (the Saloon’s premium brand) as it was transported by river boat to Five Fingers. The buyer, the office of the Lord Governer in Five Fingers, wanted the delivery made in three days, and although Gram had no idea what could make delivery of a crate of cigars so urgent, he’s not one to turn down an offer of money.

The party and the package were booked passage on the Gambler’s Bride, a high-class floating casino captained by Odran Reno. The Bride was to make its way down the Dragon’s Tongue river, stopping overnight at Splintermill and Briv and arriving in Five Fingers on the third day.

Shortly after the Bride left Tarna, the party was approached by Lugo Vayne and four unarmed, but thuggish, companions. Lugo represented certain interested parties in Five Fingers and had a counter proposal for the party; deliver HIS parcel in place of the original one. The party refused, and Lugo left his companions with instructions to throw the party overboard. They failed, and the Bride’s cleaning staff will be scrubbing the evidence out of the decking for months to come, much to the annoyance of Captain Reno…

Berthing overnight at Splintermill, the Bride took on a gaggle of lumberjacks for drinking and gambling. The party noticed Lugo moving among the crowd, buying drinks and making suggestions, and so were ready for the inevitable rush on the Bride’s vault. As well as protecting their own cargo, the party’s performance redeemed them a little in the eyes of Captain Reno.

Shortly after leaving Splintermill the following day, Stern spotted a woman in white floating face-down in the water, and the Bride stopped to rescue her. It turned out that she had been left at the alter, and had tried to take her own life as a cosnequence. Mortlock gallantly gave up his cabin, and the woman stayed on board until the Bride reached Five Fingers.

The remainder of the day was largely taken up with Mortlock trying to find someone who would duel him. He was, eventually, successful, finding a Laellese duellist named Alain de Vassily. When the Bride docked at Briv, the two found a secluded clearing and fought: Mortlock shot first but narrowly missed; Alain’s shot found its mark.

Unfortunately, the duel had been for 150 crowns or Mortlock’s magelock pistol; he was not prepared to part with the latter, and did not have the former. Having until midnight to complete the deal, the party returned to Lugo and grudgingly took him up on his offer.

The following day, the party was called to defend the vessel when, as it was weighing anchor, a group of trollkin appeared on dock demanding the Bride pay an exhorbitant toll. Captain Reno wasn’t prepared to accede to their demands, but the party made short work of the trollkin, with Bryce’s grenades rendering most of them unconscious, allowing the Bride to depart unhindered.

The Bride arrived at Chaser’s Isle in good time on the third day, and upon disembarking the party were met by Darrick Rylo, one of the Lord Governer’s functionaries. Darrick spotted that the package had been switched in short order, and knew his master would not be pleased. The party took advantage of this, suggesting that they stage a heist, so that Darrick could tell the Lord Governer that the package had in fact arrived but had been stolen, and allowing Darrick and the party to split the fee for the package.

It was while the details of the heist were being finalised that the party was attacked byt the Paulson Street Rovers. The party dealt with the Rovers’ leader and his right hand ogrun in a spectacular and brutal fashion, and the danger (combined with the blood and brain fluid) sent Darrick into catatonic shock. This was only exceasserbated by finding the package missing after the fight, it having been moved by Bryce.

Nevertheless, the party was able to persuade Darrick that the plan still had merit – the crate had, after all, now been stolen for real – and shepherded him to his offices on Captain’s Island, where he presented them with their cut of the proceeds; 1,000 crowns.


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