Hammer and Anvil

Out of the frying pan & into the Golden Crucible

Part 1: Tempen, 606 AR

After deciding to fold the remainder of the Paulson Street Rovers into ‘Hammer & Anvil’ and appointing Brogan as interim leader of the newly renamed & redecorated ‘Forge’, a new arrival joined the company; Cygnaran Army Captiain Tobias Flint. Previously known to Mortlock after crossing paths many years ago in the military, Tobias offers his services in return for an equal share in the future endeavours of the company.

Soon after, a contact from the Golden Crucible contacted the company with an offer to transport a sizeable wagon-ful of blasting powder to the Cygnaran Military in Fellig. They ask that the delivery be made with all haste and to such end had chartered a steam tug to transport the cargo and accompanying guards up the river for the first leg of the journey. Progress afterwards would be made on horseback, with a short stop at Armandor to rest and obtain fresh horses before continuing on to Fellig.

The company accepted the escort mission and set out immediately on their delivery.

Progress up the river was swift but uneventful until mooring at nightfall. During the night watch, ‘The Stump’ saw the approach of a paddle steamer down the river, and he sensed that something was not right.
As the steamer drifted closer it became apparent that something was definitely ‘not right’ as the whole craft was shrouded in darkness and a deathly quiet hung over it.

It was then that shit really got whack, when a woman’s haunting singing could be heard emanating from somewhere on board. The trio of Mortlock, ‘The Stump’ and Tobias, all three having momentarily taken leave of their senses, decided that it would be a top idea to board the craft and investigate.

A quick scout by Mortlock turned up nothing but an empty ship, and the fact that the woman’s voice sounded oddly familiar, and that curiously, the singing seemed to be coming from the cabin they occupied when they were last on board. In another moment of lunacy it was decided to check the room. The three intrepid fools stood gaping in the doorway to the cabin stunned by the sight before them.

In the centre of their old cabin stood a tin bath, in which, sat, a witch. Who bore significant resemblance to the ‘white woman’ whom the party had encountered when last on the steamer. Oh and who Mortlock had made a pass at. Not good. To make matters worse the room was tastefully decorated with blood, gore and the severed limbs of the steamer’s passengers.

The woman looked at the three intruders, and invited them in. Regaining his senses Tobias drew his #1 slug gun ‘Thunder’ and unloaded a round into the woman from close range. Mortlock then drew, fired and missed. In that order. The woman retaliated with a attack that stunned both Tobias and ‘The Stump’ for a whole round of combat, leaving Mortlock an opportunity to show his quality.
Breaking with his previous trend of missing, Mortlock actually landed two fabulous freeze rune shots, on the white woman, in a row. This left Tobias and ‘The stump’ free to engage freely with #2 slug gun ‘Lightening’ and ‘The Stump’s great axe. The white woman stood no chance and Mortlock’s second freeze rune landed the killing blow.

After inspecting the scene and finding a eerily magic knife finely crafted from a passenger’s bones, the decision was made to leave it all and search the rest of the steamer. The trio found eight thousand gold crowns in total aboard, and after pocketing a thousand each they proceeded to hide the remaining loot under the floorboards of the ship. A not inconsiderable amount of time was also devoted to wrangling with the tug captain to somehow come to an agreement about getting the derelict steamer back to the gang in Five Fingers. But it was to no avail, as the captain was devoted to his mission and would not be swayed.

With heavy hearts Tobias, Mortlock and ‘The Stump’ sadly watched the steamer fade from view, curious to know what the next leg of their journey would hold.


ihilate ihilate

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