Hammer and Anvil

Journal of Bryce Weyland 606AR part 3

Vendarl 6th Cinten 606AR
Most of today was spent dealing with the corpses littered about the Manor. The Khadorans were stripped (you never know when sixty Khadoran Winter Guard uniforms could come in useful), piled up and cremated. No use tempting the fates, it was enough trouble to put them down the first time. The Rangers have been set aside, ready to be returned to Felig and a military burial. Gunnar has left to report our victory and bring back a garrison to ensure Weyland Manor remains in the right hands.

Vendarl 7th Cinten 606AR
Events have taken an interesting twist. What should have been a restful night was rudely interrupted by the appearance of a veritable horde of giant two-headed wolves who surrounded the Manor until their master arrived in a swirl of arcane energies. It seems that the druids have taken an interest in me. Inviting our ‘guest’ in (she appeared out of nowhere, I was willing to bet that our wall, impressive they may be wouldn’t have kept her out so civility seemed the way to go) we broke bread and introductions were made. We had the pleasure of making acquaintance of Morvahna the Autumnblade, a seemly high ranked druid of the Circle Orboros who make the depths of the Thornwood their home. Pleasantries out of the way, Morvahna revealed that the Circle has had a long standing agreement with the Weyland family and it is tradition to renew the partnership when a new Baron comes into power (lucky me). It doesn’t seem to be compulsory to take the Circle up on their offer, my father seems to have refused and suffer no retribution directly from the Circle. The terms are simple, in return for the Circle’s aid in protecting the Weyland Estate they will ask for aid in various tasks. Tasks which as a founding member of a mercenary company I am entirely suited to handle. So I accepted the offer. For better or for worse we shall have to see how it plays out. The Autumnblade left shortly after along with her pack of monsters and told us to expect an envoy to act as a middleman between the Circle and us.

Malleus 1st Cinten 606AR
Another eventful day, Gunnar returned with word of reinforcements to garrison the Manor and a potential job to escort a group of refugees through the Thornwood to the safety of the town of Fisherbrook. Shortly after our liaison from the Circle arrived, on foot. She introduced herself as Aoryn, and at first impressions seems very pleasant and capable. In fact I think our dear Mortlock is a tad smitten with the young druidess, teasing her about her ability to control small birds, much in the way a small boy will pull the hair of his schoolgirl crush. Planning distribution of forces took up most of the morning, but in the end it was decided that we would allow a small delegation of human members of the Circle to hold the Manor under the guise of a company of Hammer and Anvil troops, while the more beastly elements of Aoryn’s force would roam the nearby forest. Shortly after details were finalized the garrison from Felig arrived I met with their leader a Captain Nash, a no-nonsense sort of fellow and briefed him about the situation. Along with the soldier there also came the baggage train of refugees escorted by Bronah and company and a small group of Laeleese nobles who were tagging along to Fisherbrook, but made it very clear that they were an entirely separate (and oh so much more important) entity. Plans for the journey were left in the capable hands of Tobias, seeing his eyes light up a the chance to boss so many people about was adorable. The wonderful Captain Nash also revealed that he has taken the liberty of collecting the belongings that we had left in Felig and packed them away in one of the supply wagons. I must admit, I was getting a little worried about leaving my alchemy kit alone for so long. Not only were my teeth starting to itch from not being able to continue with my experiments, but some of the compounds and admixtures I’ve been working with are very volatile and the sustained vibrations from the constant shelling may have an adverse reaction if left unattended too long. We leave first thing in the morning, at a walking pace it should take us nine days to reach our destination so I’m eager to get going.


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