Hammer and Anvil

Bandits, Betrayal and Wolves - Oh my!

Part 3: The Road to Fellig; Tempen, 606 AR

The party met up with Bryce Weyland soon after leaving Armandor, and soon after met another person on the road to Fellig. Kaelynn was sat at the side of the road looking rather worse for wear after having been robbed and beaten by bandits. Offering her protection as she was heading in the same direction Kaelynn joined the group but surrendered her inherited weapons.

The day passed without event but the group employed Mortlock as a pretend drunken decoy as a ploy to lure the bandits that attacked Kaelynn. Reaching a way inn with nothing to show for their efforts it was decided to push on during the last few hours of daylight and abandon the decoy plan and set up a better guard pattern.

After camping at the roadside for the night the party was ambushed in the middle of the night by a vicious pack of wolves. Stump and Mortlock were on duty and with Stump’s ‘True Sight’ they were able to despatch the wolves without anyone else having to lift a finger. One wolf had landed a bite on Stump but the injury was quite minor. Whilst Bryce harvested some alchemical ingredients from the wolf corpses the rest settled back to sleep for the remainder of the night.

Another day’s travel passed on the road without incident and at twilight the party again pulled off the road to camp for the night. The party all sat round the campfire enjoying a tasty meal when suddenly they all, bar Gabe, began to notice that something was not right. Everyone felt their minds cloud over and a great fog weigh heavy on their minds. Poison! That thought was punctuated by a volley of arrows that soundly hit Stump and Tobias. The retaliation was muted due to most of party being barely able to function but Mortlock ran for cover and fired upon the attackers, landing a solid thunder rune that permanently disabled an enemy. Mortlock took servere return fire from the attackers and Tobias and Stump both charged into the trees to back Mortlock up. During his charge the Stump landed a solid shot from his repeating rifle before taking cover behind a tree. Bryce too charged into the trees leaving the wagon guards behind.

It was at this point that Mortlock noticed a fracas taking place near the wagon, and he charged back over to investigate. Tobias, frustrated that he could not see anyone to fight charged deeper into the trees firing as he went a shot that ultimately missed. Stump fired again with his rifle felling an attacker, before both he and Tobias turned to return to the wagon.

As Mortlock reached the wagon he observed Bronah locked in combat with none other than the damsel in distress Kaelynn. Needing time to asses the situation, he fired off two perfectly aimed shots disarming both Bronah and Kaelynn. Having also used a silence rune to mask his attack his presence went unnoticed but Kaelynn used the shocked state of Bronah to pull a knife from her boot and slip it between Bronah’s ribs. Bronah collapsed in a heap seconds before Mortlock vaporised Kaelynn with a devastating shot, but it was too late the damage had been done.

Hollering for a medic Mortlock moved to secure the perimeter as the Stump rushed to Bronah’s side to administer aid. There was so much blood and in the darkness and panic of the situation even Stump’s true sight could not help him staunch Bronah’s bleeding. Tobias came charging in shouting orders to Mortlock to fetch his surgeon’s kit from the wagon and coming to a stop next to Stump to provide assistance. Time blurred and eventually with the equipment and bandages from the surgeon’s kit and with Tobias’ cool headed advice the Stump eventually managed to stabilise Bronah’s condition. Looking at her ashen face and significant amount of blood covering the area it appeared that luck was on Bronah’s side that night.

Bryce meanwhile waited in the trees, well hidden, to provide instant response should a further attack be forthcoming. Shortly after, Gabe and Gunnar returned to the camp with Gunnar saying that he had finished off the last bandit with his dagger. Mortlock requested he lead him to the body and help him drag it back to camp so they could search it for any intel or information. None was found.

In a sombre mood, their heads still foggy from the poison and nursing their wounds from the ambush, the party proceeded to get what little rest they could from the rest of the night, leaving a minimal sentry guard to allow those wounded to rest up. The early morning passes quietly and the party await the new day with their confidence knocked after a bitter betrayal. Arrival at Fellig cannot come soon enough for they all wish to see the back of this accursed wagon.


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